Startup founders develop software differently.

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Have an incredible product idea…
if only you could get it built?

Many startup founders find themselves in this predicament. Either the cost to build the software they envision is just too high, or they’ve spent their budget building it, but it’s not working well. Maybe they’ve already launched, but the product isn’t gaining traction with users, and they’re not sure what to do.

We hear stories like these every week.

It’s not about the code.

If being successful was simply a matter of building software, then every idea would work. But they don’t. And we know why, because we’ve been there.

Having built products that have served huge national brands, secured large funding rounds, and even navigated successful exits, we know: it’s not about the code.

At KALA, we help visionary startup founders break out of the software development stalemate. We show founders how to spend less on code, and more on generating revenue, so they can gain more traction, in less time.

It’s about your vision.

Are you ready to achieve the results you dream about?
Are you ready to learn how the most resourceful, adaptive, and transformative startup founders truly operate?

We help founders lower costs, reduce risk and move faster, to get to market with a product customers love.
That’s what we do.

  • No expensive contracts.

  • No unnecessary code.

  • No time wasted.