The KALA Story

Vinko Buble

Founder and CEO

I’m Vinko Buble, and I founded KALA for one very specific purpose: to help more startups achieve success faster. The world needs problem-solvers like you, tackling big challenges.

But the world doesn’t need you to try, it needs you to succeed. Which is hard. Unlikely, in fact.

I get it, because I’ve been there.

Before the funding, before the exit, before the name-brand customers, my first startup was an abject failure.

I spent six months in development, only to launch with a thud. No traction. No sales. I was devastated, and for a time, I swore off startups. I was happy just to keep my head down writing code inside an established company.

Even as my skills improved, however, the product launches didn’t. I watched seemingly brilliant ideas fall flat again and again. The code was clean, the products worked, but something was missing.

And then my education began.

Fast forward a few years and I was asked to join Where, Inc., a VC-funded startup in Boston. That’s when I began to understand the secrets I didn’t know before. I began to learn methods that, at first, didn’t make any sense to me. Within four years, we were bought by PayPal. Safe to say, our methods worked.

I since used my new skills to found another startup, based in my home country, Croatia. This time, we had traction before we even had our product built and were able to bootstrap our way to revenue. The company is still profitable today.

In the meantime, I became Director of Engineering at another Boston-based startup, Reversing Labs. Because we delivered exceptional products to customers like Symantec, Cisco, McAfee, Microsoft and Amazon, we raised $25 million to put the pedal down on growth.

KALA isn’t your average dev shop.

To be clear, I can build software, and I can scale up large teams to do it. That’s not the hard part. The hard part is building something customers need and will pay for. And that’s why at KALA, we say, “startup founders develop software differently.”

Everything we do is designed to increase our clients’ chances of success. Sometimes, that means writing less code, not more.